About Us

About Us

Back in 2013, Owner and Founder, Aymie Larralde, started a small venture to becoming a small business owner. Launching her entrepreneurship as a freelance graphic designer in San Antonio with only her Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Full Sail University.

Since I was a child, I always wanted to have my own business. I just didn’t know what it was for most of my life.

Spending the first few years networking, picking up any little job that came through and working late nights was no walk-in the park but after 3 years of steady business, a milestone that many can’t accomplish alone, scaling from a freelancer to a small boutique agency was a well deserved accomplishment.

As time progressed, the creative industry grew exponentially in such a short time. It became over saturated with other creative individuals, which is a wonderful thing, but not great for a single service agency. Thus began the venture into new territories.

I’ve always been into web development. I had helped develop a few website while growing my design business but didn’t think to add it as a service until a few years later.

Around mid-2016, we added a few additional services to our utility belt: Website Design and Development, Website Hosting and Social Media Marketing and Management. Not many agencies tackle on all 3 website scopes but we did and we have been able to maintain good integrity with all our website clients.

At the beginning of 2018, Facebook Marketing was flourishing and not many business owners understood the formula for successful campaigning. When we were exploring social media management and marketing back in 2016, we were already aboard the SS Social Media Ad ship and were gaining speed by the time every business realized the importance to having not only a social media business page but also running ads on multiple platforms.

Everyday is a new venture. Everyday is an experience that we tackle head on. Our drive to succeed precedes us and we continue to offer value to all of our clients, even for the one-time projects.

Highlightable Skills

Graphic Design
Website Design
Website Development
Social Media Marketing
Corporate Technical Writing